Day 7

February 15th, 2024

What was I doing last time I played sims? I tried to make castles. It didn’t go well.

Yesterday Captain let me watch her play sims, she placed her sim in our collab house “Sorella sisters”, and a bunch of cats showed up. She made a cute sim with the new skin details, “Vitiligo” [mom don’t click]

Next Builds:

Modern Tiny Houses community. (With landscaping.)

Realistic Apartments. (Also make families to go in them.) Large Families! Little community children’s area.

Traditional Japanese House 1 [Starter]

Traditional Japanese House 2 [Family Home]

Traditional Japanese House 3 [Estate]

Pink house [gaudy]

Pink House [nice]

100 baby starter

100 baby estate [Fun version]

100 baby estate [efficient version]

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