Welcome to Simmer Challenges!

It’s very nice to meet you. We are so happy you found your way here.

Please allow me to introduce ourselves. We are the Darby Family.

We are a family of four adults living in the Southern portion of New Jersey, USA.

I am the main contributor (and Evil Overlord Extraordinaire) and will be your primary host to this site. My name is Michelle. My gamer tag is MamaSimmer. I am 46. I generate the creative storyline and challenges that the rest of my family considers chaos. I hope you enjoy the ride.

The rest of my family is heavily involved in this site and you will get to know everyone.

Brian is my husband. We’ve been married for 22 years. Our kids are adults now and we are in supporting roles to this endeavor. He currently works full-time out of the house. Due to his limitations on time, he cheers us on, listens to our ridiculous discussions about imaginary people at the dinner table, and bankrolls our operation. Our main goal with the site is to retire him from full-time work to afford him the same luxuries he’s provided us.

Angel is our eldest daughter. Her gamer tag is @CaptainSimmer. She is our creative muse. You will find her gleefully harassing her sister on stream and on our social media accounts. She will also bring my creations to life in the Sims so we can force her sister to hopelessly fail utilize them in the legacy family we’re creating.

Elizabeth is our builder. Her gamer tag is @SafeSimmer. She is the engineer that brings my story to life. I have never played Sims. I know very little about Sims. Rest assured, I’ve been introduced to the world for many, many years as Elizabeth is o b s e s s e d with Sims. She’s been playing since 2016 and it’s a challenge for me to get her to shut up about it. Though, I do have my ways. Hey, the don’t call me the Evil Overlord Extraordinaire for nothing!

As a family, in real life, we have many hobbies and interests. The primary example of that is our family of fur babies and our homegrown wildlife menagerie. We have five dogs, five cats, and a Russian Tortoise. You will get to know all of them, whether you like it or not.

We have lived in our dream home on a six and a half acre woodlot since November of 2016. We’ve cultivated habitat and relationships with our wildlife and learn new things each week! You’ll likely hear about our outdoor excursions, as well.

This business is being created for many reasons:
– to earn a living to retire Brian
– to have a great time with a hobby as a family
– to educate newbies on how to have the maximum fun in Sims 4
– to create a community that is positive, safe, and fun.

We look forward to getting to know you! Again, welcome. And thank you for being here.

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