Day 2

Today is Wednesday January 24rd, 2024. Update for yesterday.

Mom said the Castle was “too even for a castle” (I agreed, she put words to the ‘next steps on the build’)

I am not sure what to do about my library organization, I can’t really find things I look for anymore since I build so much. But I also don’t need to search for things since I can remake them from a screenshot. I can’t just ‘remake’ a sim, though.

Me: (Is there any benefit to keeping old builds in my library (that aren’t on the gallery either, therefor perma-gone) when I can just rebuild it from a screenshot alone? Then I could just take screenshots of the shit in my library, and delete it, 2 seconds and I can get to the shit I am actively using.)

Cap; “There can be. I’d determine it case by case to be honest. Anything you’d not want to recreate can probably get deleted. You’re good with screenshots for some and you need interior shots and a tour for others. So it depends.”

First I should start by actually cataloging everything I’ve built in January this year to get started.

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