Day 1

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024. Update for yesterday.

I built this on the 22nd (yesterday), the idea was “stacked castle towers”, while watching Townsends working man’s donuts” video. Watching his videos seems to make my builds turn out much better due to the 1800’s vibes.

Angel isn’t up yet so I put the image in Canva and hoped it’d make it a smaller image size. It does! 2MB seems to be the limit for word press images. Edit: Mom said I need to figure out how to resize them and put them in the gallery.

I have yet to use windows/doors/arches besides the ones from the castle kit with my castles… Which makes me really excited as there’s a lot more options than the ones I’m currently satisfied with.

I’ll likely put Teen Titans Go on and match colors for doors/windows amongst many packs and download it as a room sometime when I’m feeling like it. I’ve tried to when I’m not in the mood like as a puzzle, but it needs the right energy or it just wastes my time as things won’t match right anyways.

Things I want to build [Link posts if made in the future]

I want to do a castle that’s been updated through many generations, say starting with wood due to the cheapness, to stone, to a somewhat suburban look. It might suck. I accept the risk!

I also want to do a multicolored castle, likely that brick from High School Years. I think the Castle Kit’s white fence would make it actually work, too.

Borderlands 3 Style Shipping containers, multicolor.

Borderlands 3 Style Castle.

Castle per planet in my story.

Off Topic [But may add context to later build]

I got Palworld yesterday, too. I’m a little concerned for my next build’s theme with the content I’ve been consuming, in the best way. I wonder if I can make a “cute cartoony animals” castle, lol. Earlier in the week I saw that people were making fun of the game, mom mentioned Technology advances, so I looked into the game again. Then she got me the game after I added it to the requests list. Super appreciated and adorable!

Poor Angel though, it wouldn’t load for her when she got it the same day. Hoping it does in the future.

I totally have ulterior motives though, It’s even got multiplayer for me to harass spend time with her. Now, if she’d actually play it with me or not is another story, lol.

Mom napped so I chased sheep for 7 hours. [Almost literally… I checked my play time.]

Create A Sim (yesterday or the 21st)

I realized when making Emily Henderson (Elliott’s little sister) in sims alongside Nils that 1. I really haven’t touched gothic families and want to in the future. and 2. Many of my characters are supposed to be gothic.

I learned when trying to make Emily match the vibe of the CAS I want to do (Gothic Family with the Goth Galore Kit, instead made my characters) , turning her hair darker, that she looks just like Winona Chamberson in my head. (Edit: Maybe I need to change Emily’s appearance, as Winona was perfect like that, Doi. Emily didn’t look enough like I picture Elliott!) However, I don’t want the Chambersons and Hendersons to be related. I was thinking something about shapeshifting and reincarnation, or to undo the fixed idea. It’s a mix of personal preference and intuition for the story. Aka “fuck around and find out”.

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